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"Before The Forgiveness Process® I thought I was doing OK but I knew had guilt and some resentment. What I discovered during the Process was that besides some guilt and resentment I had many deep rooted negative emotions that had accumulated throughout my lifetime. Now, I feel so much better that I had the courage to confront those emotions and what caused them. The cleansing, so to speak, has resulted in much better self-esteem and has left me with true love of self and others. My religious faith has come back to me as well."

-Bob G.

The Forgiveness Process®

"In this forgiveness program with Eileen Epperson, I have finally forgiven a situation that brought tremendous grief to myself, my husband, and my two children over 35 years ago. It was a long time to harbor resentment. From that place, I forgave a relative for ongoing outrageous statements to my children and to myself regarding theological issues where she perceived we had fallen short.I learned, and was able to internalize, a number of things. First, if forgiveness is necessary, the other person DID something wrong. I could start there. Before, I thought forgiveness was saying it was okay; that I then had to be friends with the person and pretend nothing had ever happened. Eileen introduced a different definition of forgiveness--that it was about me letting go of resentment that was eating me up inside; that I was allowing someone I didn't even like to occupy prime brain real estate that could be used for more positive ventures."

-Dale S.

The Forgiveness Process®

"I have just finished The Forgiveness Process® and I have learned so much. This has redirected my thought process and helped bring me out of a depression. I now know so much more than I knew about forgiveness. Learning how to forgive and my willingness to forgive has created a wonderful outlook in my life. The Forgiveness Process® has allowed me to make a giant leap in understanding my thoughts and how they impact my life. Thank you, Eileen."

-Glenda P.

The Forgiveness Process®

"I was able finally to release resentment and anger around a situation and relationship that had been constricting my life, straining relationships badly, and draining my energy for several years. I really got the freedom to look at "forgiveness" differently, and how important it was to my well-being to set myself free. During the forgiveness process I felt as though a big, complex clog became unstuck and flushed out of my system"

-Susan V.

The Forgiveness Process®

"After doing The Forgiveness Process® with you, my dear husband said…that he was more present to how much he loves me! I am MUCH more relaxed about the money and he is much more in action. He is already seeing possibilities in the area that seemed impossible to predict from the past. Thank you so much for being a miraculous space for people to expand and cherish their lives!"

-Mary G.

The Forgiveness Process®

"I am feeling happy! I am intentional about doing things that make me happy and fulfilled and have deepened my relationship with myself. When I am triggered I use The Forgiveness Process to forgive myself or re-forgive. I am a stand for myself."

The Forgiveness Process®

"I was struggling with a sense of malaise, loss of focus, direction and energy – not only about physical clutter, but also re accomplishing simple life tasks. The tools you offered came along at a most opportune time. Each one has brought me to more deeply understand aspects of my personal history, patterns I’ve struggled with, and a starting point to move more freely into the future."

Making Room for the Holy

"I have a sweeter, more loving, more personal understanding of God's unconditional and deep love for me. I found that God has a sense of humor, and that He is not judging me-my every move- but instead is loving me at all times."

Spiritual Direction

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