Spiritual Center Coaching

with the Rev. Dr. Eileen Epperson

Living Centered, Living Connected

with Freedom from the Past and Power in the Present.

Spiritual Center Coaching

Spiritual Center Coaching

by Rev. Eileen Epperson

by Rev. Eileen Epperson

by Rev. Eileen Epperson

Living Centered, Living Connected

with Freedom from the Past and Power in the Present.

Living Centered, Living Connected

with Freedom from the Past and Power in the Present.

Are You Ready to Have More Freedom & Joy in Your Life?

Stuck in Resentment? Feeling Remorse? Relationships Broken or Disconnected?

Have given up trying?

Do you feel unforgiven?

Are you angry and have real grievances?

Good News: You CAN release a stuck past in a short time

Do you want to have more powerful conversations with the people in your life?

Do you want to have more powerful conversations with the people in your life?

Do you want to have more powerful conversations with the people in your life?

Do you want to have more powerful conversations with the people in your life?

Our Programs

The Communication Practice Course

The Communication Practices Course trains you in the tools to become an even better communicator in any situation.

You will see results immediately in your conversations. You will expand your ability to be present, both to yourself and to others. You will start to find your voice and use it. You will learn how to genuinely clean up communications that didn’t go well and use the occasion to learn. You will not be stopped by those bumps in the road. You will become courageous and unstoppable in your commitment to express yourself in ways that are empowering to everyone in your conversations.


The Forgiveness Process®

The Forgiveness Process® Freedom from the Past is a transformative course designed to help individuals break free from the burdens of their past and experience profound personal growth. Through a series of guided exercises and teachings, this course empowers participants to release the heavy weight of resentments, grievances, and painful memories, allowing them to embrace a life filled with love, joy, and fulfillment.


The Grief Course: Companionship on the Grief Journey

Companionship on the Grief Journey is designed to provide a supportive and understanding space for individuals who are navigating the challenging terrain of grief. This course aims to remind participants that they are not alone in their grief and offers companionship and support throughout their journey towards healing and growth.


Clergy Self-Care and Wellness Program

The Clergy Self-Care and Wellness Program is designed to address the unique challenges faced by clergy in maintaining their well-being and fulfilling their calling. This program focuses on four crucial areas of self-care and offers a series of vetted and tested workshops to support participants in their journey towards balance, resilience, and personal growth.

Communication Coaching

There is nothing more thrilling in life than finding your authentic voice. It is possible to say what is on your heart and mind and be heard. You can have challenging conversations, with grace, respect, and results.

Book to Speak

Rev. Dr. Eileen Epperson is committed to leaders finding their voices, mastering forgiveness, and communication to love the world into being.

Private Customized Coaching

Three-month renewable program of weekly conversations based on client goals. Can include access to forgiving, authentically communicating and living with integrity.

About Spiritual Life Coaching

Here at Spiritual Center Coaching, my focus is on empowering individuals to embrace living authentically, from the very core of their being. It's about nurturing a deep trust in one's inner voice and guiding you to discover and trust your own choices. This journey opens the door to a profoundly fulfilling life and allows you to make meaningful contributions to the world.

Living from the inside out is indeed an inside job, a transformative path that often necessitates support and guidance. While the essence of this journey lies within, navigating it can be challenging without a trusted coach by your side. I firmly believe that self-discovery is greatly enhanced through connections with others, especially through the guidance of a coach, allowing one to uncover their authentic self.

My mission is to support individuals who are willing to delve into the introspective work of examining their lives. I understand that diving into automatic behaviors, routines, and unnoticed habits requires effort and determination. It's about being willing to create shifts, release unhelpful past narratives, and embrace change.

Transformation involves work, attentiveness, and a willingness to step out of one's comfort zone. I'm here for those who embrace this discomfort, knowing that it is a stepping stone to a truly great life. My commitment is to work with you through every step of this journey, providing the necessary support and tools to navigate the process of inner exploration.

Join me at my Spiritual Center Coaching, and let's embark on this transformative journey together. Discover the essence of who you are, transform your life, and create a meaningful impact in your unique way.

Here's to a life lived authentically and fulfilled from within.

Hello. I am the Rev. Dr. Eileen Epperson, and I am dedicated to helping leaders and individuals find their voices, master forgiveness, and communication, and love the world into being.

With over 33 years of experience as a Presbyterian minister, I have served in various capacities, including parish ministry, chaplaincy in hospitals and hospices, and college chaplaincy during my seminary years in New York City. My work has also included pastoral counseling in a nursing home where I had the privilege of supporting individuals and families. I have also facilitated weekly grief support groups for a remarkable 17 years. This experience has deepened my understanding of the power of forgiveness and the importance of effective communication in navigating through grief and healing.

In my current ministry as a spiritual life-coach, I empower individuals, families, and work teams to release past upsets that are stuck, embrace forgiveness, and communicate gracefully and powerfully. My coaching programs are designed to help leaders expand their performance and find greater satisfaction in their contributions to others.

My expertise lies in the realms of forgiveness, communication, and grief support. I am passionate about helping individuals organize their lives and bring their visions into existence, allowing them to work harmoniously and find fulfillment.I am driven by a deep commitment to ending unnecessary suffering and guiding leaders towards a life of authenticity, compassion, and positive impact. Together, let's embark on a journey of healing, growth, and creating a world filled with love.

Living in northwest Connecticut, USA, I am constantly inspired by the beautiful surroundings and the opportunity to create a brand new partnership with my former husband. I firmly believe in practicing what I coach, and my personal experiences have shaped my approach to coaching and guiding others.

With warm regards,

The Rev. Dr. Eileen Epperson

Eileen’s personal coaching commitment to you:

I listen to you as whole, competent and great.

I hold space for you to accomplish your dreams. I am your person.

I remember who you are when you forget.

Our Workshops

Effective, affordable workshops to improve your life, relationship or marriage.

"Having Those Challenging Conversations with Grace, Respect and Results"

There is no greater thrill than saying what is true for you and being heard. There is no need to be upset in order to communicate even tough stuff with grace. This workshop provides potent, tested tips and practices for saying anything and leaving everyone in the conversation empowered.

(For Women) “How to Hear and Be Heard…by Men.”

Using the pioneering research of Alison Armstrong, women will learn why their men don’t listen to them, seem to be in another world much of the time and ignore their requests. Women and men are wired completely differently but we do not know that. Women in this program joyously discover that new intimacy is possible with the men who matter to them: sons, husbands, fathers, partners, brothers.

“Loss, Grief and a New Beginning: The Dynamics of Bereavement”

This is primarily an informational program that offers deep understanding about the dynamics of grief. Many experts have explored the process and we will look what they have said. I will share from 17+ years of leading weekly grief support groups. This stand-alone program will leave you more prepared for your own losses and more able to support others.

“Making Room for the Holy” - Advent and Lent

This is a deep dive during the weeks of Advent and of Lent in which we create a community of support to clear out the clutter. This can be either (or both) physical and emotional, as we prepare for these seasonal sacred times. Participants choose goals in any area that seems unfinished or incomplete or messy. The community support is invaluable in moving through the bumps in the road as new energy and vitality begins to emerge.


"In this forgiveness program with Eileen I was able finally to release resentment and anger around a situation and relationship that had been constricting my life, straining relationships badly, and draining my energy for several years. I really got the freedom to look at "forgiveness" differently, and how important it was to my well-being to set myself free. During the forgiveness process I felt as though a big, complex clog became unstuck and flushed out of my system"

-Susan V.

The Forgiveness Process®

"I was struggling with a sense of malaise, loss of focus, direction and energy – not only about physical clutter, but also re accomplishing simple life tasks. The tools you offered came along at a most opportune time. Each one has brought me to more deeply understand aspects of my personal history, patterns I’ve struggled with, and a starting point to move more freely into the future."

Client: Making Room for the Holy

"Before The Forgiveness Process® I thought I was doing OK but I knew had guilt and some resentment. What I discovered during the Process was that besides some guilt and resentment I had many deep rooted negative emotions that had accumulated throughout my lifetime. 

Now, I feel so much better that I had the courage to confront those emotions and what caused them. The cleansing, so to speak, has resulted in much better self-esteem and has left me with true love of self and others. My religious faith has come back to me as well."

-Bob G.

Client The Forgiveness Process

Spiritual Life-Coaching: What is This?

Traditionally, we have thought of coaching as being confined to some athletic or physical endeavor such as sports or personal fitness. Twenty, even fifteen years ago, coaching for individuals to produce success in their personal and business lives was unusual. Yet in today's world, coaching is credited with giving many people and companies that extra edge to attain top success in their field and personal goals.  

Why talk to a coach? Well, if you are up to anything in your life and are out to push past your personal limits in any area - you can benefit from a dedicated life coach. A life coach can help you clarify, prioritize and organize your life in support of your goals and help you identify and release obstacles on the way. A coach can take a fresh look at your system, your life, your past decisions or your organization and see where it is working and where it is not working. A competent coach asks questions that allow you to discover for yourself the answers to your puzzles.   A coach helps keep you on track.

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