About Me

Eileen's work equips and empowers people to discover their life path and live true to it. Her clients do not minimize the risks in life but rise to meet them with skill, courage and honesty. They are committed to ongoing growth.

Eileen has advanced degrees in literature and theology and has been active in interfaith dialogue and cooperative interfaith projects for 40 years. She was a Presenter at five of the six modern Parliaments of the World’s Religions between 1993 and 2018. Among her programs were: “Envisioning the World Without Religious Violence,” “Can Another Religion Really Contribute to Your Faith?” and “What is Forgiveness?”

The Rev. Dr. Eileen L. Epperson was in business before entering the ministry. She worked administratively in a drug rehabilitation community, an audio production company and an executive search firm, all in New York City. Eileen was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1990. She has been a college, hospital and hospice chaplain, and the minister in seven churches. She lives in rural northwest Connecticut.

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