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For an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE in which you are true to yourself and live according to your deepest principles; HARMONIOUSLY and LOVINGLY producing the OUTSTANDING SUCCESS that you want...

Would You Like To...

  • become aware of your own inner guiding light and learn to trust your heart?
  • open the door to self-love and then to effortlessly loving others?
  • develop a muscle for catching resentments when they start and releasing them?
  • align your work and relationships and become a walking blessing wherever you are?

Talk To A Spiritual Life Coach...

If you are up to ANYTHING in your life and are out to push past your personal limits in any area, you need a Spiritual Coach.

  • A Spiritual Coach helps you clarify, prioritize and organize your life in support of your goals.
  • Spiritual Life Coaching takes a fresh look with you at your habits, personal organization and relationships to see what is working, and what is not working.
  • A Spiritual Coach helps keep you on track and gain that extra edge to have an extraordinary, successful life.

What Is Spiritual Center Coaching?

Spiritual Center Coaching is a partnership between me, Eileen Epperson and YOU that forms a lifeline to your success. This coaching starts from an understanding that you have access to your own wisdom and you can nurture this wisdom.

How Does It Work?

Spiritual Center Coaching is conducted by phone or in person and supports you to live true to yourself. Often through asking questions and listening keenly, I guide you to discern what is real and important to you. You begin to recognize habits, ways of seeing and speaking and acting that may not be useful and you come to understand that you have the choice to leave them behind. You may see areas of your life where forgiveness is appropriate.

How Spiritual Coaching Can Change Your Life

These unique Spiritual Coaching Programs empower you to know what you love and to express yourself. From learning to say what you think and ask for what you want, you design your life as your personal work of art. You become more compassionate and more effective.

Spiritual Center Coaching derives its effectiveness inside the inquiry: “How can I live my unique life and live it beautifully, from the inside out?” This kind of life calls for attentiveness, humility and accountability. Spiritual Coaching is not psychotherapy and I am not a psychotherapist. However, this work will enhance your well-being and your ability to live authentically and powerfully in the world.


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